16 Gennaio 2018

MEDNAX enhances patient-centric healthcare with highly secure cloud services from Microsoft 365

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Today’s post was written by Darren Handler, director of IT research and development at MEDNAX Health Solutions Partner.

Profile picture of Darren Handler, director of IT research and development at MEDNAX Health Solutions Partner.As part of a great IT team at MEDNAX, it’s fulfilling to see how our technology innovations—such as our clinical research, outcome reporting, and patient data management solutions—all contribute to better health in the communities that our affiliated medical group practices serve across the United States. At MEDNAX, we see Microsoft 365, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, as the latest step in a digital transformation that reinforces the symbiosis between smart technology and the innovative, attentive patient care that has always defined our company.

We work as a team to improve patient health, and today we are embracing cloud services to help us work more efficiently toward that goal. As we continue to grow, we are committed to delivering a modern workplace that brings a geographically dispersed workforce closer together and helps us attract new talent to drive innovation in patient care. Microsoft 365 cloud services that offer ubiquitous access and workplace collaboration apps are helping us recruit and maintain top talent, so we can continue to provide the best possible patient care.

Using our wealth of patient data to understand how to improve healthcare across MEDNAX–affiliated entities has set us apart from the beginning. Today, we are gaining greater insight into our data with Microsoft Power BI. In the past, data was trapped in our on-premises databases, available only to those who could use complicated BI tools on our workstations. Now we are unlocking this data and making dashboards and reports available to our employees on their mobile devices.

Simplifying how employees communicate with each other is a powerful way to foster innovation and best practices across the organization. Our physicians wanted to discuss clinical findings and new protocols without being confined to a computer in an office. With Microsoft cloud services, they are better able to share data and ideas with each other. That’s because physicians embraced groups in Outlook as a rich collaboration tool that allows for sharing files, scheduling meetings, and exchanging email all on a highly secure, mobile-friendly platform. Today, they are free to check in on these discussions from anywhere. Fostering this open dialogue among physicians leads to better, patient-centric care.

MEDNAX has always valued technology as a powerful way to stay true to our mission: “Take great care of the patient, every day, and in every way.” Moving to Microsoft 365 is helping us ensure that we continue to deliver on that promise.

—Darren Handler

Read the case study for more on the how MEDNAX is using highly secure cloud services from Microsoft 365.

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