9 Novembre 2022

Build resilient communities together with Microsoft 

Communities around the world are navigating a transformed landscape with shifting needs and priorities. Creativity and innovation are being funneled toward meeting these rapidly evolving needs. In the many areas of disruption that government agencies, public sector institutions, and communities are experiencing, I believe technology can help.

Studies show community leaders are also looking to technology to lead the way for stronger, more sustainable communities going forward. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that 30 percent of cities worldwide by 2026 will establish digital accounts to provide personalized services to residents,1 and that by 2025, 70 percent of transit authorities will leverage common data standards to integrate transportation network company services to expand availability and multi-modal transportation for customers.2 In education, 77 percent of teachers believe technology will help them be better teachers post-COVID-19.3

I’ve been able to witness so many Microsoft public sector partners who are already at the forefront of conversations around creating more resilient communities. Partners such as Infotechtion, who helped the Food Standards Agency enhance collaboration, productivity, and security of records management with Microsoft technologies, as well as support food safety in the United Kingdom. Or Bentley Systems, whose OpenCities Planner solution offers cloud-based, city-scale digital twin planning and visualization capabilities. Bentley will be presenting insights on how digital solutions can help to adapt to climate change at COP27, the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, currently taking place in Egypt from November 7 to 18, 2022. The conferencewhere Microsoft is a strategic technology partner and principal sponsorprovides a platform for world leaders, businesses, and citizens to come together to discuss their role in mitigating the climate crisis.

Reimagining a more resilient future

Microsoft is committed to empowering communities and government agencies to achieve more. Consequently, we are driving growth and development, empowering the workforce with skilling capabilities and initiatives, and enabling personalized, digital experiences on accessible platforms to individuals and businesses. We’re continuing to build trusted government services by adopting the highest standards of security and compliance.

As the stakes grow and the demand for effective solutions increases, Microsoft partners are rising to the occasion, harnessing the power of new and emerging technologies to help reimagine a more resilient future. 

#BuildFor2030 supports empowering communities

The Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Initiative accelerates innovation and collective impact within our partner ecosystem, enabling partners to build and bring solutions to market in support of advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 initiatives focused on creating a better world for more of us by 2030. Through #BuildFor2030, we support partners to skill up, build, and grow as changemakers.

Partners around the world are currently creating solutions that will make a difference through the #BuildFor2030 Hackathon. I’m excited for the hundreds of participants registered who are innovating solutions in the areas of gender equality, accessibility and disability inclusion, climate action and sustainability, enabling nonprofits, and empowering communities.

Microsoft partners are building more resilient communities, together

We celebrate partner solutions that strengthen our institutions; create more equitable access to health, education, and social services; and support resilient communities through the #BuildFor2030 Initiative.

  • AvePoint Citizen Service deploys Microsoft technologies to enable transparent fulfillment of common public service requests via a public portal that allows requests to be viewed, tracked, and resolved, allowing organizations to better serve and support constituents.
  • CloudMonitorby Data-Driven is a FinOps tool built on Microsoft Azure that reduces costs for businesses and government customers by monitoring cloud consumption costs and suggesting best practices based on real-time utilization patterns.
  • Elastacloud’s ESG Data by Sustainability Studioleverages semi-automated AI driven processes to offer transparent ESG scoring, climate risk analytics, and workflows, delivered by application programming interface (API) or web access, providing insights to make sustainability an organizational priority.
  • HevoCollaboration by Hevolus enables enhanced teaching and school learning with the use of holographic content to support more effective hybrid learning spaces.
  • Velocity Learning Management System by Jones Software is a cloud-based learning management system and virtual classroom designed for education and corporate institutions, promoting remote and in-person learning to close the learning gap.
  • Voltar offers a management system for nonprofits, associations, and cooperatives engaged in rescue, relief, and healthcare that securely digitizes the data of volunteers and rescue missions with a fully cloud-based platform (available in Italian).

Discover allfeatured solutionsas part of the #BuildFor2030 Initiative. 

A future reimagined

Our commitment to empowering communities and government agencies to achieve more has us excited for a future reimagined. Through the Microsoft Cloud and together with our partners, we are helping public sector organizations do more with less and deliver inclusive and personalized solutions.

I invite our public sector partners to make use of the resources available to skill up and be inspired by stories of government agencies, community organizations, and partners who are building for a stronger tomorrow.

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Microsoft for Government

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3The Post-Pandemic Classroom: Confidence in the Using Tech Rises, But Teachers are Concerned About the State of the Profession and Student Emotional Well-being, HMH.

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