13 Dicembre 2022

Explore Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions global availability

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We’re pleased to announce our new Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions availability resource. This easy-to-use resource with an interactive map assists our customers and partners to identify data center regions and supported languages for the global reach of their businesses. The site provides the ability to navigate to selected countries and compare solution availability. This resource can help users understand the geo availability of Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions.

Screen capture of Microsoft Cloud for industries availability by country and cloud. Image shows a world map with indications of where each industry is available in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe.
Figure 1: Microsoft Cloud for industries visual reference of availability by geographical region and industry cloud.

Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions bring together the breadth of offerings from across Microsoft, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Dynamics 365, and uniquely tailor them for specific industries. Built on a foundation of trust, these solutions are composable and can be customized, providing a rich platform to enable our customers and partners to quickly drive time-to-value and digitally transform their organizations.

Data sovereignty and residency

Microsoft works to provide tools and resources to give businesses the ability to maintain customer data in both a designated geographic boundary (data residency) as well as customer data that is subject to national jurisdiction (sovereignty). As we continue to expand our solutions, we are proactively working with our customers and partners to help meet the unique needs of their industries by architecting our solutions with options for data residency, compliance, and language localization in each geography. In May 2022, Microsoft announced the availability of two new sovereign sites, Sweden and Belgium, that will be offering local data residency, and country sovereignty for their cloud services. These new sites also provide improved performance and faster access to the cloud. Learn more about data residency, data sovereignty, and compliance in Microsoft Cloud.

Industry compliance in mind

Compliance is a shared responsibility. While it is essential that organizations understand how Microsoft provides the foundation for compliance, ultimately all data stored in a cloud service requires each organization to secure and protect it. Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions supports regional compliance coverage by simplifying the solution adoption. Microsoft has 100 plus compliance offerings including more than 50 of which are specific to regions and countries such as Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and 26 European countries, known as the Schengen area. Microsoft engages with governments, regulators, standards bodies, and nongovernmental organizations to understand emerging requirements and ensure fast and effective enablement of critical compliance needs. In regions such as Europe, the forthcoming EU Data Boundary will expand on our data residency commitment, ensuring Microsoft not only stores but also processes customer data in the European Union.

To help address customer and partner needs to understand regulatory requirements, our industry solutions, including Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, and Microsoft Cloud for Retail, adhere to well-known globally accepted standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018. In addition, Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services conforms to SOC1 and SOC2 standards. Learn more about privacy and compliance at the Microsoft Trust Center.

Native languages built-in

Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions are available in multiple languages to serve our customers and partners with ease of use in their native languages. For countries that require products sold to be localized, Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions ensures adherence to local regulations. For example, while English is offered by default in countries such as Canada and France, language regulations require products sold to also be offered in French. Explore the industry solutions and supported languages by geography.

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Explore the Microsoft Cloud for industries solutions global availability and languages supported.

Our next release wave promises even more opportunities for industries to do more with less. Read more about what’s upcoming on our Dynamics 365 and industry clouds documentation pages.

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