23 Gennaio 2023

Elevate patient experiences with healthcare data insights

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Today’s healthcare providers face an onslaught of complex challenges, including higher costs, staffing shortages, evolving patient expectations, and increased competition. In order to survive and thrive, it’s critical that they find ways to adapt to these ongoing challenges.

In this difficult environment, the most successful healthcare organizations are the ones that are driving digital transformation and tapping into innovative healthcare technology solutions to improve patient care.

Watch the on-demand webinar, Improving Patient Experiences: Unlocking Data for Better Patient Outcomes, to find out what health technology solutions providers are using to uncover data insights and gain a competitive edge. The webinar will also share how healthcare organizations can empower care teams, enhance patient engagement, and raise the bar on health outcomes.

During this webinar, you’ll hear from industry experts as they share insights about how leading healthcare organizations are using trusted cloud and AI solutions to overcome obstacles and enable better outcomes. Plus, you’ll learn about the new realities facing healthcare organizations and discover ways to:

  • Adapt to societal and technological disruptions that are shaping the future of healthcare.
  • Tap into healthcare data and trusted AI solutions to address your greatest challenges through automation and better collaboration.
  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes by accelerating digital transformation.
  • Elevate patient care by uncovering valuable data insights.

Improving Patient Experiences: Unlocking Data for Better Paitent Outcomes

Discover the digital transformation differentiators creating a competitive advantage for healthcare providers.

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What are your top five business objectives for 2023?

Most healthcare providers are striving to meet five key business objectives in 2023:

  1. Elevate patient and consumer experiences.
  2. Improve financial performance.
  3. Improve operational efficiencies.
  4. Enhance outreach and marketing effectiveness.
  5. Become more data-centric.

Healthcare providers that are more advanced in healthcare data and digital transformation are more likely to accomplish these goals. These data-driven organizations are well-equipped to deal with labor shortages and cost issues. They also have more access to new tools like AI and machine learning, can pivot quickly in times of crisis, and enjoy better performance and financial metrics. This gives them a strong competitive advantage over other organizations.

Adapt and thrive with trusted health technology

Because health IT is perpetually in a state of flux, healthcare organizations need a flexible and scalable infrastructure that enables them to keep pace with ongoing industry changes. In the current landscape, healthcare leaders are looking for ways to maximize the value of their investments with healthcare technology that does more. Today’s leading healthcare organizations are staying ahead of the curve by using two powerful health technology solutions: AI and cloud platforms.

The healthcare providers that are best prepared for today’s data-driven world already are using the cloud to get healthcare data analytics and insights. Healthcare organizations have accumulated vast amounts of data in the form of clinical research, claims data, and diagnostic images. When organizations use AI to analyze this data and uncover insights, they can make more educated clinical decisions and improve patient experiences.

As an organization, we deliver care, our product is care. Our product is not delivering IT assets or services, that’s just something we have to do. If I can improve my effectiveness, efficiency, and maintainor even improvemy cost structure, then it would be a mistake for me not to deploy in the cloud.”Chris Scott, Banner Health.

Build resilience and gain a competitive advantage with cloud solutions

Healthcare organizations that have moved to the cloud are enjoying the valuable benefits of digital transformation. For example, cloud platforms allow healthcare providers to:

  • Simplify processes. Health organizations can more easily deploy new applications.
  • Increase access. With cloud solutions, healthcare teams gain immediate access to feature updates and new capabilities.
  • Move faster. Healthcare providers can quickly scale up new applications across the organization.
  • Drive innovation. Cloud capabilities enable organizations to pivot quickly, respond to changing needs, and take advantage of new opportunities.

When adding and scaling new applications, healthcare organizations using a cloud platform realize time-to-value gains of 10 to 22 monthsas compared to deploying solutions on-premises. When organizations enable more rapid innovation platforms and pivot to deliver new solutions and services, they often accelerate development timelines by 18 to 28 months. These gains translate into a significant competitive advantage over other organizations.

The cloud gives you the ability to pivot quickly because you have things already there and you know the patterns of architecture needed to move. That flexibility really was evident during COVID-19 for a lot of organizations that had already gotten their feet wet with the cloud. The ones that had not are still struggling.”Karl Hightower, Novant Health.

Get clear healthcare data insights with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

In today’s ever-shifting landscape, healthcare leaders are looking for ways to remain competitive, deliver better care, and innovate for the future. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides trusted, integrated capabilities that make it easier to uncover healthcare data insights and improve patient care.

These capabilities also help healthcare providers empower health team collaboration, reduce clinician burnout, enhance patient engagement, and protect health information.

To explore more ways to enhance patient engagement and transform the healthcare journey, watch the on-demand webinar now: Improving Patient Experiences: Unlocking Data for Better Patient Outcomes.

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