30 Gennaio 2023

Microsoft Cloud for Retail: Creating resilient retailers with our partners

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Just a few days ago, Microsoft participated in the 2023 National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual Big Show in New York City. Our message was that in these hard-to-predict times, it’s important that retailers become “resilient” in a way that helps them thrive when competitors lag. To learn how retailers are weaving technology through the fabric of their business check out Shelley Bransten’s blog, called “Resilient Retail“. It’s worth a read!

Helping retailers become resilient represents a tremendous opportunity for our partners. Using Microsoft Cloud for Retail, they can create solutions that extend their capabilities in ways that drive resiliency. We saw that at the NRF show, where our Microsoft Cloud for Retail partners such as Aifi, Accenture/Avanade, EY, and others showcased key solutions to enable intelligent stores and frontline worker-assist solutions.

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Lean into change and thrive during times of uncertainty

Become a resilient retailerand drive sustained profitability and growthwith Microsoft Cloud for Retail.

How Microsoft and our partners create resilient retailers

At the NRF show, we introduced two new capabilities that make Microsoft Cloud for Retail even more powerful:

  1. Smart Store Analytics. We provide retailers with e-commerce-level shopper analytics for the physical space. And we are partnering with AiFi, the world’s most broadly deployed computer vision-powered autonomous store operator, with 100 locations deployed worldwide. AiFi’s “smart stores” are retail stores equipped with cameras that track what customers pick up and place in their carts, automatically charging their payment cards when they’re ready to check out. Zabka, a chain of Polish convenience stores, also uses AiFi to give store managers access to data from the AiFi platform and helps them adjust store layouts and inventory.
  2. Store Operations Assist. Retail always has been and always will be a “people business.” Store Operations Assist equips store associates to better serve and engage customers and be more productive. It provides a single pane of glass with access to all the operational day-to-day activitiesfrom curbside fulfillment to customer service scenarios in the physical store. Accenture/Avanade is delivering AI-powered insights with ai.RETAIL, a data insight solution integrated with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams for frontline workers, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 products. EY, meanwhile, has launched a retail solution that builds on the Microsoft Cloud for Retail to deliver an improved customer journey and higher sales.

Partners put our cloud to work

Retailers have powerful allies in our robust partner network. Like our other industry clouds, the partner ecosystem for Microsoft Cloud for Retail continues to grow and evolve quickly. For that, I want to thank all of the partners that helped us have a successful NRF show, including:

Today we are partnering with leading independent software vendors and system integrators to help retailers become more resilient. Using Microsoft Cloud for Retailincluding the new Smart Store Analytics and Store Operations Assist capabilitiesretailers can navigate the headwinds they face and create an innovative retail future.

If you’re a retailer, find all the right solutions for your retail company today at the Microsoft Cloud for Retail Appsource Gallery. Our cloud is designed to help you embrace innovation, create retail-specific industry processes, and accelerate time to value.

If you’re a prospective partner, learn how to join our network and boost your business.

New retail possibilities

Moving to the cloud creates incredible opportunities across the retail industry. It helps retailers take advantage of common data models and makes them better able to put their data to work, apply intelligence, extract insights, and deliver better customer and employee experiences. Make your move to the Microsoft Cloud for Retail today!

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