11 Aprile 2023

DEV-0196: QuaDream’s “KingsPawn” malware used to target civil society in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia

Microsoft Threat Intelligence analysts assess with high confidence that a threat group tracked by Microsoft as DEV-0196 is linked to an Israel-based private sector offensive actor (PSOA) known as QuaDream. QuaDream reportedly sells a platform they call REIGN to governments for law enforcement purposes. REIGN is a suite of exploits, malware, and infrastructure designed to exfiltrate data from mobile devices.  

In this blog, Microsoft analyzes DEV-0196, discusses technical details of the actor’s iOS malware, which we call KingsPawn, and shares both host and network indicators of compromise that can be used to aid in detection.

Over the course of our investigation into DEV-0196, Microsoft collaborated with multiple partners. One of those partners, Citizen Lab of the University of Toronto’s Munk School, identified at least five civil society victims of the DEV-0196 malware that included journalists, political opposition figures, and a non-government organisation (NGO) worker, in North America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Furthermore, Citizen Lab was able to identify operator locations for QuaDream systems in the following countries: Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Ghana, Israel, Mexico, Romania, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Uzbekistan. Read the Citizen Lab report here.

Microsoft is sharing information about DEV-0196 with our customers, industry partners, and the public to improve collective knowledge of how PSOAs operate and raise awareness about how PSOAs facilitate the targeting and exploitation of civil society. For more info, read Standing up for democratic values and protecting stability of cyberspace.

DEV-0196: A private-sector offensive actor based in Israel

PSOAs, which Microsoft also refers to as cyber mercenaries, sell hacking tools or services through a variety of business models, including access as a service. In access as a service, the actor sells full end-to-end hacking tools that can be used by the purchaser in cyber operations. The PSOA itself is not involved in any targeting or running of the operations.

Microsoft Threat Intelligence analysts assess with high confidence that DEV-0196 uses this model, selling exploitation services and malware to governments. It’s not directly involved in targeting. Microsoft also assesses with high confidence that DEV-0196 is linked to an Israel-based private company called QuaDream. According to the Israeli Corporations Authority, QuaDream, under the Israeli name קוודרים בע”מ, was incorporated in August 2016. The company has no website, and there is little public reporting about the company, with a few notable exceptions.

QuaDream came to international attention in a 2022 Reuters report, which cited a company brochure that described the REIGN platform and a list of capabilities, the report also notably suggested that QuaDream used a zero-click iOS exploit that leveraged the same vulnerability seen in NSO Group’s ForcedEntry exploit. An earlier report by Israeli news outlet Haaretz, also citing a QuaDream brochure, revealed that QuaDream did not sell REIGN directly to customers but instead did so through a Cypriot company. Haaretz also reported that Saudi Arabia’s government was among QuaDream’s clients, as was the government of Ghana. However, Haaretz could not confirm allegations made in the Ghanian press and repeated in the Israeli press that QuaDream employees were among 14 Israeli tech workers from different companies who travelled to Accra, Ghana in 2020 to meet with the incumbent administration three months prior to the presidential election for the purposes of a special project relating to it.

QuaDream was mentioned in a December 2022 report from Meta, which reportedly took down 250 accounts associated with the company. According to the report, Meta observed QuaDream testing its ability to exploit iOS and Android mobile devices with the intent “to exfiltrate various types of data including messages, images, video and audio files, and geolocation.”

Technical investigation: DEV-0196 malware

Microsoft Threat Intelligence analysts assess with high confidence that the malware, which we call KingsPawn, is developed by DEV-0196 and therefore strongly linked to QuaDream. We assess with medium confidence that the mobile malware we associate with DEV-0196 is part of the system publicly discussed as REIGN.

The captured samples targeted iOS devices, specifically iOS 14, but there were indications that some of the code could also be used on Android devices. Since the malware sample targets iOS 14, some of the techniques used in this sample may no longer work or be relevant on newer iOS versions. However, we assess it’s highly likely that DEV-0196 will have updated their malware, targeting newer versions to account for this. Analysis of the malware revealed that it is split into multiple components. The sections below focus on two of those components: a monitor agent and the main malware agent.

Monitor agent

The monitor agent is a native Mach-O file written in Objective-C. It is responsible for reducing the forensic footprint of the malware to prevent detection and hinder investigations. It has multiple techniques to do this, one of which is monitoring various directories, such as /private/var/db/analyticsd/ and /private/var/mobile/Library/Logs/CrashReporter, for any malware execution artifacts or crash-related files. Once these artifacts or files are identified, the monitor agent deletes them.

The monitor agent is also in charge of managing the various processes and threads spawned on behalf of the malware to avoid artifacts created from unexpected process crashes. The agent uses the waitpid function to monitor all child processes that are spawned, and the child process IDs are added to a tracking list. The monitor agent attempts to safely shut down tracked child processes by calling sigaction with the SIGTSTP parameter, if sigaction returns successfully this means the child process is reachable and a SIGKILL command is sent to kill it. This avoids sending a kill command to a non-existent PID, which can leave error messages and artifacts behind.

Main agent

The main agent is also a native Mach-O file. However, it is written in Go, a highly portable language, which was likely chosen because it allows compilation across multiple platforms, reducing development effort.

This agent includes capabilities to:

  • Get device information (such as iOS version and battery status)
  • Wi-Fi information (such as SSID and airplane mode status)
  • Cellular information (such as carrier, SIM card data, and phone number)
  • Search for and retrieve files
  • Use the device camera in the background
  • Get device location
  • Monitor phone calls
  • Access the iOS keychain
  • Generate an iCloud time-based one-time password (TOTP)

It achieves some of these functionalities, for example the surreptitious camera use, by leveraging two key binaries, tccd and mediaserverd, a technique described by ZecOps. The name tccd stands for Transparency, Consent, and Control (TCC) Daemon, and the process manages the access permissions for various peripherals such as the camera and microphone. Normally, users are met with a pop-up prompt from the tccd process, alerting them that something has requested access to the camera, microphone, or other peripheral, and the user is required to either allow or deny it. In this compromise scenario, the agent injects itself into the tccd binary, which allows the agent to spawn both new processes and threads as part of the exploitation process, and also allows it to bypass any tccd prompts on the device meaning the user would be unaware of camera compromise. In concert with tccd, the agent also provisions itself permission to run in the background via mediaserverd. This binary handles the interface that other apps interact with when utilizing the camera. For more details on iOS process injection, tccd and other system components, see Jonathan Levin’s macOS and iOS internals books and blog.

The techniques used in the main agent include a PMAP bypass, an Apple Mobile File Integrity (AMFI) bypass, and a sandbox escape. PMAP is one of the mechanisms that works with the Page Protection Layer (PPL) to prevent unsigned code from running on iOS devices. AMFI is a protection mechanism comprised of multiple components including a kernel extension, AppleFileMobileIntegrity.kext, as well as userland daemon, amfid. The sandbox limits access to system resources and user data via an entitlements system. Although PMAP, PPL, AMFI, and the sandbox have been hardened over the years, advanced attackers attempt to circumvent these protection mechanisms in order to run unsigned code.

The agent also creates a secure channel for XPC messaging by creating a nested app extension called fud.appex. XPC messaging allows the agent to query various system binaries for sensitive device information, such as location details. Although there is a legitimate binary called fud on iOS devices that is part of the Mobile Accessory updater service, fud.appex is not part of a legitimate Apple service. The agent creates the malicious app extension inside the folder /private/var/db/com.apple.xpc.roleaccountd.staging/PlugIns/. The primary reason for performing XPC messaging from within this application extension is to establish a covert channel that enables the agent to avoid being monitored. This nested directory technique means that the XPC service is registered such a way that it is only visible to the app extension itself, so any external monitoring by other applications and system processes is far more difficult. Upon unhooking and restoring tccd to its original state, the entire PlugIns folder is removed to further hide any artifacts of its existence.

In their blog, Citizen Lab discusses the presence of likely malicious calendar events on devices compromised by DEV-0196’s malware, so another notable function of the main agent is that it contains specific code to remove events from the device’s calendar. The agent searches all calendar events from two years prior to the current time and up to the furthest possible allowed future time, removing any events that are tied to a given email address as the “organizer”. The agent also removes the email address from the idstatuscache.plist, which is a database containing records of the first contact of the device with other iCloud accounts. This list would contain the email address that sent the malicious calendar invitation, as well as a time stamp of the original interaction, such as when the invite was received.

There is additional functionality within the agent to cover its tracks by removing artifacts of location monitoring from the locationd process’ records. To first query locations from locationd, the agent must register a client that communicates with locationd via XPC messaging. The locationd process then stores a record of these connections in /private/var/root/Library/Caches/locationd/clients.plist. The malicious agent searches for items in the client plist that have a suffix of subridged, and then removes them, which indicates that the name of their location monitoring client likely ends in that word. This is another example of malicious activity attempting to masquerade as benign system processes, since subridged is the name of a legitimate Apple binary, a part of the SoftwareUpdateBridge Framework.

Technical investigation: DEV-0196 infrastructure

Microsoft developed unique network detections that could be used to fingerprint DEV-0196’s infrastructure on the internet. The group heavily utilized domain registrars and inexpensive cloud hosting providers that accepted cryptocurrency as payment. They tended to only use a single domain per IP address and domains were very rarely reused across multiple IP addresses. Many of the observed domains were deployed using free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, while others used self-signed certificates designed to blend in with normal Kubernetes deployments.

We have included network-based indicators at the end of this post for detection purposes. Often, threat actors employ domains that carry country-specific TLDs or themes that align with the location of intended targets. Notably, our list of DEV-0196 domains includes domains strongly associated with some countries that Citizen Lab has identified as locations of victims, countries where QuaDream platforms were operating, or both. To be clear, the identification of victims of the malware in a country doesn’t necessarily mean that an entity in that country is a DEV-0196 customer, as international targeting is common.

Prevention and detection

Preventing exploitation of mobile devices by advanced actors who potentially have zero-click exploits is difficult. There are also significant challenges in detecting an attack on mobile devices, both during and after the compromise. This section discusses some methods for minimizing the risk of malicious actors compromising mobile devices, and then provides some indicators of compromise we associate with DEV-0196 activity.

Basic cyber hygiene is important in helping prevent mobile device compromise. Specific best practices include keeping the device’s software updated to the latest version, enabling automatic software updates if available, using anti-malware software, and being vigilant about not clicking links in any unexpected or suspicious messages.

If you believe you may be targeted by advanced attackers and use an iOS device, we recommend enabling Lockdown Mode. Lockdown Mode offers enhanced security for iOS devices by reducing the attack surface available to threat actors.

Sentinel detections

Microsoft Sentinel customers can use the TI Mapping analytic to automatically match the malicious domain indicators mentioned in this blog post with data in their workspace. If the TI Map analytics are not currently deployed, customers can install the Threat Intelligence solution from the Microsoft Sentinel Content Hub to have the analytics rule deployed in their Sentinel workspace. More details on the Content Hub can be found here: https://learn.microsoft.com/azure/sentinel/sentinel-solutions-deploy.

In addition, customers can access the shared indicators in a structured format via GitHub so that they can be integrated into custom analytics and other queries: https://github.com/microsoft/mstic/blob/master/RapidReleaseTI/Indicators.csv.

Indicators of compromise (IOCs)

Host-based indicators

These host-based indicators are indicative of DEV-0196 activity; however, they shouldn’t be used solely as attribution since other actors may also use the same or similar TTPs.

The file existing, or process activity from, /private/var/db/com.apple.xpc.roleaccountd.staging/subridged

The file existing, or process activity from, com.apple.avcapture

The folder /private/var/db/com.apple.xpc.roleaccountd.staging/PlugIns/fud.appex/ existing, or having activity detected from the folder.

Network indicators

Based on the results of our C2 investigation, Microsoft Threat Intelligence associate the following domains with DEV-0196 activity. The dates the domains were first detected as likely in use is given, along with the last seen active date.

Domain First active Last active
fosterunch[.]com 2022-05-30 CURRENT
womnbling[.]com 2022-05-30 CURRENT
zebra-arts[.]com 2022-05-31 CURRENT
pennywines[.]com 2022-08-19 CURRENT
choccoline[.]com 2022-08-19 CURRENT
lateparties[.]com 2022-09-15 CURRENT
foundurycolletive[.]com 2022-11-07 CURRENT
jungelfruitime[.]com 2022-11-09 CURRENT
gameboysess[.]com 2022-11-09 CURRENT
healthcovid19[.]com 2022-11-10 CURRENT
codingstudies[.]com 2022-11-16 CURRENT
hoteluxurysm[.]com 2022-11-18 CURRENT
newz-globe[.]com 2022-11-23 CURRENT
hotalsextra[.]com 2022-11-23 CURRENT
nordmanetime[.]com 2022-11-23 CURRENT
fullaniimal[.]com 2022-11-23 CURRENT
wikipedoptions[.]com 2022-11-23 CURRENT
redanddred[.]com 2022-11-23 CURRENT
whiteandpiink[.]com 2022-12-02 CURRENT
agronomsdoc[.]com 2022-12-02 CURRENT
nutureheus[.]com 2022-12-02 CURRENT
timeeforsports[.]com 2022-12-15 CURRENT
treerroots[.]com 2022-12-15 CURRENT
unitedyears[.]com 2022-12-15 CURRENT
eccocredit[.]com 2022-12-16 CURRENT
ecologitics[.]com 2022-12-19 CURRENT
climatestews[.]com 2022-12-19 CURRENT
aqualizas[.]com 2022-12-19 CURRENT
bgnews-bg[.]com 2022-12-20 CURRENT
mikontravels[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
e-gaming[.]online 2022-12-23 CURRENT
transformaition[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
betterstime[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
goshopeerz[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
countshops[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
inneture[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
shoppingeos[.]com 2022-12-23 CURRENT
mwww[.]ro 2023-01-05 CURRENT
rentalproct[.]com 2023-01-05 CURRENT
bcarental[.]com 2023-01-05 CURRENT
kikocruize[.]com 2023-01-05 CURRENT
elvacream[.]com 2023-01-10 CURRENT
pachadesert[.]com 2023-01-12 CURRENT
razzodev[.]com 2023-02-06 CURRENT
wombatcash[.]com 2023-02-06 CURRENT
globepayinfo[.]com 2023-02-06 CURRENT
job4uhunt[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
ctbgameson[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
adeptary[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
hinterfy[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
biznomex[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
careerhub4u[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
furiamoc[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
motorgamings[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
aniarchit[.]com 2023-02-08 CURRENT
skyphotogreen[.]com 2023-02-26 CURRENT
datacentertime[.]com 2023-02-26 CURRENT
stylelifees[.]com 2023-02-26 CURRENT
kidzlande[.]com 2023-03-01 CURRENT
homelosite[.]com 2023-03-01 CURRENT
zooloow[.]com 2023-03-01 CURRENT
studiesutshifts[.]com 2023-03-01 CURRENT
codingstudies[.]com 2023-03-08 CURRENT
londonistory[.]com 2023-03-16 CURRENT
bestteamlife[.]com 2023-03-16 CURRENT
newsandlocalupdates[.]com 2023-03-16 CURRENT
youristores[.]com 2023-03-16 CURRENT
zooloow[.]com 2023-02-26 2023-03-04
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homelosite[.]com 2023-02-26 2023-03-04
studiesutshifts[.]com 2023-02-26 2023-03-04
datacentertime[.]com 2022-11-07 2023-02-25
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incollegely[.]org 2022-05-24 2023-01-20
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thetimespress[.]com 2022-06-24 2023-01-20
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thenewsfill[.]com 2022-05-26 2022-12-20
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