8 Novembre 2023

Enlit Europe 2023: Partner with Microsoft to accelerate carbon free energy

Navigating the challenge of meeting the growing global demand for energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires significant investment of financial resources, new innovations, strategic partnerships, and an unwavering commitment to energy efficiency.

The energy sector, currently the leading source of global greenhouse gas emissions, is at a pivotal juncture. Furthermore, 20 percent of all global emissions emanate from the transportation sector (passenger and freight), a figure that has doubled since 1970.1 80 percent of the increase comes from road vehicles—both personal transport and freight. This stark reality underscores an undeniable imperative: the need for swift and decisive action in adopting sustainable energy practices which has never been more pressing.2 Electric vehicles (EVs) are an obvious choice, but widescale adoption requires the integration of more renewable energy sources and a modern grid that can support them.

Revamping power grids is just one hurdle. To meet increasing demand and reduce the cost of carbon free energy, we also need affordable, secure, and sustainable ways to commercialize, scale, and integrate new energy solutions. Yet, there still continues to be a considerable backlog of solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and nuclear projects stuck in regulatory bottlenecks awaiting interconnection and seeking transmission access. Moreover, as we introduce modern grid solutions and market innovations, the need to manage security risks also rises. Industries across the globe are tackling an increase in cyberattacks, with critical infrastructure services like gas, water, and power and utilities being particularly vulnerable. Proactive security measures, including zero trust architecture, are imperative to safeguard these vital systems against both present and emerging risks.

Microsoft for Energy and Resources

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Accelerating deployment of clean energy with partnerships and AI

Powering the energy transition with AI and collaborative partnerships

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Harnessing the power of data and collaboration is critical to conquering the triad of sustainability, affordability, and security in energy. At Microsoft, we’re channeling our capabilities to expedite and heighten partnerships to accelerate the deployment of carbon free energy and supporting technologies. Collaborative partnerships and AI are supercharging that mission, with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and Microsoft Copilot helping to address challenges ranging from empowering the utility workforce to streamlining budgets and optimizing operational efficiency. In this collective journey, teams from within Microsoft are working in lockstep with customers and partners on AI-driven applications across a spectrum of needs—from predictive analytics, proactive maintenance, forecasting, grid analytics, scenario modeling and simulation, customer service, supply chain, field operations, health and safety, and so much more. 

Shinning a light on innovation at Enlit Europe 2023

We are thrilled to deepen our ongoing partnerships and energize new ones as a key sponsor of Enlit Europe 2023 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France, from November 28 to 30, 2023. With Europe at the cutting edge of energy innovation and progressive energy policy, Enlit is the convergence point for over 15,000 energy professionals, 700 exhibitors, and 500 speakers. Together, we’ll dive into dialogue focused on reimagining how we generate, transmit, distribute, and consume energy.

The Microsoft Energy and Resources team will join industry leaders to exchange insights on emergent challenges, breakthrough innovations, and the progress of European Union-funded projects shaping our sector. Our team is scheduled to participate in a series of speaking engagements, including collaborative sessions with Schneider Electric, reflecting our shared commitment to forging the future of energy together.

Microsoft Energy and Resources sessions at Enlit Europe 2023

Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure

We’ll discuss how modern cybersecurity leaders can leverage AI to help protect against business risks and how digital solutions are helping power and utilities leaders tackle the things that keep them awake at night. Speakers include:

  • Hanna Grene, Global Go-to-Market and Operations, Energy and Resources Industry, Microsoft
  • Indrek Künnapuu, Chief Information Security Officer, Elektrilevi
  • Elad Shaviv, Head of the Business Development Division, Israel Electric Corporation
  • Ray Pinto, Senior Director for Digital Transformation Policy, Digital Europe
  • Marie Duval-Soyez, Head of the Digital Risk Management Department, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Enedis

AI in the energy sector in Europe: Opportunities, challenges, and recommendations

The panel will share insights on how to harness the potential of AI for the energy sector in Europe, while ensuring that its outcomes are reliable, sustainable, and human-centric. The discussion will also highlight Europe’s approach, vision, and leadership in AI across the energy sector. Speakers include:

  • Bilal Khursheed, Worldwide Power and Utilities Leader, Microsoft
  • Kristian Ruby, Secretary General, Eurelectric
  • Rachel Berryman, Deputy Head of AI Center of Excellence, Elia Group
  • Andrei Covatariu, Co-chair of the Digitalization in Energy Task Force, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Grid of the future leaders session

We’re also excited to share the stage with Schneider Electric, a pivotal ally in navigating the energy transition. We announced our partnership with PG&E and Schneider Electric in July 2023, marking a milestone in harnessing cloud technology for energy management. This initiative has swiftly moved from announcement to action, deploying a Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) on Microsoft Azure. This advanced solution empowers PG&E to seamlessly integrate and optimize distributed energy resources (DERs), bolstering the grid resilience during power disruptions and paving the way for the grid’s preparedness for EV charging demands. The innovation lies not only in the technology itself but also in the transformative approach to collaboration, setting a new benchmark for partnership across the energy sector. Speakers include:

  • Hanna Grene, Global Go-to-Market and Operations, Energy and Resources, Microsoft
  • Alexis Grenon, Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric

Establishing a cloud-first strategy

The strategic deployment of cloud infrastructure is a cornerstone of digital transformation, offering a blueprint for future-proofed business models. In this session, we will address the essential facets of cloud enablement, demonstrating how a cloud-first approach is pivotal for accelerating digital transformation. Discover the advantages of embracing the cloud and foster nimble utility business operations that enable scalability, innovation, and cost-efficiency.

  • Featuring Bilal Khursheed, Worldwide Power and Utilities Leader, Microsoft

AI and machine learning, robotics, and space data

Take a deep dive into automation, virtual reality, and AI increasing accuracy and efficiency in a digital energy world. Join us for an exciting session and discover how AI, machine learning, robotics, and space data are transforming the energy industry and shaping the future of our planet and beyond.

  • Featuring Per Christian Honningsvaag, Europe, the Middle East and Africa Business Leader, Energy and Resources Industry, Microsoft

Working together on the journey to decarbonization

As an industry, we stand at a pivotal inflection point where digital innovation is reshaping the power and utilities sector. The collective effort to embrace digital transformation, pursue decarbonization, and foster innovation is not just thrilling—it’s imperative for overcoming the sectors most intricate challenges. Whether you’re a utility leader challenged with rearchitecting your grid, a security officer integrating cybersecurity strategies in an era of generative AI, or a consumer considering your first EV, one theme is clear: We are all on the same team, working together towards a more sustainable future for everyone. You can read more on how AI can enable a secure and decarbonized grid in Enlit’s interview with Hanna Grene.

Join the Microsoft Energy and Resources Industry team at Enlit Europe 2023, where we unite with our customers and partners to expedite the energy sector’s transformation. Together, we are at the forefront, catalyzing change through grid modernization and AI-driven solutions. Use this link to register directly for a special complimentary exhibition pass courtesy of Microsoft. We eagerly anticipate exploring the possibilities with you in Paris.

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1United Nations Facts and Figures.

2Era free of fossil-fuel powered vehicles comes into focus at COP26; draft outcome is met with calls for more ambition, United Nations.

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