29 Gennaio 2024

Driving AI transformation with the Microsoft commercial marketplace

AI is shifting and transforming business for every individual, every team, and every industry. To stay ahead of the curve, your organisation can now turn to the Microsoft commercial marketplace, where you can easily discover, try, and buy cutting-edge AI applications.  

Transacting through our marketplace connects you to thousands of pre-vetted Microsoft partner solutions, enabling you to rapidly accelerate your AI transformation and drive business outcomes. Whether that’s helping to enrich employee experiences, reinvent customer engagement or reshape business processes.  

It also represents smart spend. To move at the speed of business today, many companies prefer buying to building cloud apps, handing off the associated costs and management to SaaS partners while provisioning end-to-end solutions quickly and reliably. 

In this series of four blogs, we’ll dive into some exciting new AI-powered software solutions and how they can benefit your business. Here’s a taste of what follows.

ActiveOps logo

Decision intelligence for service operations 

Imagine if every decision that service operations teams make were consistently more accurate, timely and planned for. That’s countless micro-gains every minute of the day – at your fingertips. Delivering “decision intelligence” for service operations in banks, insurance companies and healthcare providers,

ActiveOps’ blend of AI and human intelligence delivers the most complete and useful set of predictive and prescriptive insight to help make better decisions at the right time – resulting in over 20% more capacity, over 30% boost in productivity, and significant business impact, quickly. 

Find ActiveOps ControliQ on the marketplace

Darktrace logo

Guarding against cyber disruption, 24/7 

Darktrace offers global leadership in cybersecurity AI. Rather than study attacks, Darktrace DETECT’s “Self-Learning AI” technology continuously learns about your organisation, inside and out, and applies that understanding to optimise your state of cybersecurity. Darktrace is fuelling a continuous end-to-end security capability that can autonomously spot and respond to novel in-progress threats within seconds.

Find Darktrace DETECT on the marketplace

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causaLens logo

Harness emerging Causal AI to go beyond prediction 

Causal AI is a new class of machine intelligence that overcomes many of the issues seen with traditional machine learning and AI. Using Causal AI models, organisations can now go beyond making predictions to answer “what-if?” questions.  

causaLens is the only company to have productised Causal AI through its decisionOS solution – enabling customers to optimise pricing and promotions strategies, fine-tune the marketing mix, anticipate and pre-empt customer churn, and much more. decisionOS is available via the Microsoft marketplace.

Find causaLens decisionOS on the marketplace

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Zellis logo

Delivering outstanding people processes 

Zellis is the largest provider of payroll and HR software, and managed services, to companies in the UK & Ireland. Built on Microsoft Azure, Zellis HCM Cloud connects into PowerBI for analytics, and Power Automate to create integrated solutions for payroll, HR, benefits, and recognition – driving efficiencies and staff satisfaction across your entire organisation.

Find Zellis HCM Cloud on the marketplace

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Enate logo

Empowering smooth operations from start to finish 

Innovation is thriving across sectors such as banking, finance and insurance, with support from the Microsoft cloud. Enate helps large enterprises to better manage end-to-end workflow smoothly, harnessing the power of automation and AI.

Powered by the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, EnateAI saves Operations teams from having to buy, train and test costly AI MLops solutions from third-party vendors. Instead, just “switch on” EnateAI to extract data from documents, categorise and automate email processing, and understand your customers’ sentiments, driving efficiency and cost savings straightaway.

Find Enate solutions on the marketplace

Eigen Technologies logo

Making smarter decisions, faster 

Imagine building your own AI-powered data extraction models with no data scientists required. That’s AI with real ROI, a solution offered by Eigen that reduces the amount of time your organisation spends on manual processes by up to 90%.  

Eigen’s no-code AI platform automates the extraction, classification, and understanding of data from any kind of document, so customers can make faster, smarter decisions. Leveraging Microsoft capabilities, Eigen’s software integrates multiple AI technologies, including natural language processing, machine learning, and computer vision.  Building a model requires only a small number of training documents, which means business users can start automating their document workflows quickly. 

Find Eigen solutions on the marketplace

Trade Ledger logo

Using AI to make working capital more accessible 

Trade Ledger’s mission is helping every business get the capital they need to thrive, through enabling banks and alternative lenders to simplify complex business lending. Using Large Language Models, finance professionals can query their business systems using natural language and get rich analysis and insights into their working-capital needs. AI matches their funding needs with appropriate lending products; once a product is selected, it performs the loan application process.  

By integrating AI, Trade Ledger bridges the gap between what businesses need and what lenders have on offer. It also speeds the application and decision-making process, contributing to a more accessible and transparent working-capital market. 

Find Trade Ledger solutions on the marketplace

Traydstream logo

Reimagining trade transactions 

Meanwhile, Traydstream – a trade finance document-checking automation and digitisation platform – has partnered with Microsoft Azure to reimagine the paper-based processes that support trade finance. Available on the Microsoft marketplace, Traydstream uses a machine learning-based engine, slashing the time to complete checks on the dozens of documents and over 400,000 rules-permutations generated by a single transaction. Traydstream is now collaborating with Citi to provide their clients with access to this cutting-edge and automated trade-document processing capability. 

Find Traydstream solutions on the marketplace

Start your AI transformation journey today  

Whether it’s safeguarding your organisation and data, amplifying human ingenuity or delivering transformational customer experiences, buying cloud-driven AI software solutions through the global marketplace allows your business to be more innovative, agile and resilient, with less complexity, time and cost. 

That’s because the Microsoft marketplace offers the most comprehensive catalogue of certified cloud solutions anywhere. We’ve made procurement simple, enabling you to complete your entire journey in one place, with straightforward invoicing.

Your organisation’s existing Azure cloud commitment means you can benefit from faster time-to-value, integrating solutions that work with your current technology. In addition, software/IP costs incurred by buying solutions contribute 100% off your Azure Marketplace invoice. You can also rest assured that you’re buying and running solutions on a trusted cloud that boasts industry-leading security. 

We hope you enjoy the other blogs in our series. Meanwhile, why not check out more solutions on the Azure Marketplace? For more information and partner introductions, contact our ISV team.

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