10 Aprile 2024

Beyond HIMSS24: Microsoft partners redefine healthcare with AI solutions

After the excitement of HIMSS24, healthcare organizations are harnessing AI momentum leveraging our partner network to bring transformative healthcare solutions to market. Our presence at the event revolved around the theme ‘shaping a healthier future.’ With that goal in mind, we focused on our partners’ innovative use of data and AI solutions in three key areas: solving care continuum challenges, modernizing data estates to unlock powerful insights, and accelerating essential cloud migration and security initiatives.

The latest AI innovations from Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, with our partners, empower patients, providers, payors, and life sciences organizations:

  • Patients can access personalized care.
  • Providers can deliver more efficient and effective care through advanced data analytics.
  • Payors gain insights to improve operational efficiency and enhance patient outcomes.
  • Life sciences organizations accelerate research and drug development processes.

Some specific examples of our investments include healthcare data solutions in Microsoft Fabric, which enables healthcare organizations to unify and centralize their data for scalable analytics and AI workloads. Additionally, we’ve invested in a new certified software designation for Solutions Partners in healthcare, and other industries, as part of the Microsoft Cloud for AI Cloud Partner Program. These designations certify that our partner solutions are optimally built on Microsoft Industry Clouds to deliver their solutions.

Together, we’re seizing the remarkable opportunity that AI presents in healthcare, propelling the industry towards a transformative future.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Improve healthcare experiences with AI-powered solutions

High angle shot of a group of medical practitioners analyzing data in a hospital.

Microsoft at HIMSS24

We were proud to showcase the remarkable work of our featured partners at HIMSS24. Teladoc Health shared how they are enabling connected care through virtual care solutions from inpatient to home—bridging virtual and in-patient care and at-home condition management. TCS showcased how they’re reducing the time it takes to respond to health authorities for regulatory submissions with AI, while providing an intelligent dashboard for real-time feedback to deepen patient understanding. Other partners we featured at the event throughout the week included Sectra, Hitachi Solutions, Accenture-Avanade, Quisitive, and HITRUST.

Additionally, 10 groundbreaking startups joined us, including BeekeeperAI, Mapped, and Pangaea Data. Partners such as CDW, Nordic, Kyndryl, BDO, and Vervint, demonstrated the significance of data and AI in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) on Microsoft Azure by guiding attendees on secure cloud migration, emphasizing high-quality care delivery that prioritizes patient needs. Each partner is reshaping the healthcare landscape by integrating enhanced solutions with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft Copilot for Azure, and Microsoft Fabric. Our collaborations are deeply aligned to our focus of creating connected experiences, empowering the workforce, and unlocking the value of data across the healthcare landscape.

Partners leveraging AI to fuel innovation in healthcare

From revolutionizing patient engagement to streamlining clinical documentation and advancing drug discovery, partners are harnessing generative AI applications to help solve seemingly insurmountable challenges in healthcare.

To boost clinician productivity and provide better patient services, Accenture-Avanade are utilizing generative AI capabilities powered by Microsoft Copilot for patient medical history summarization, patient response drafting, and intelligent search. CitiusTech’s Smart Search leverages Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search to provide patients with round-the-clock query assistance and personalized responses, reducing the dependency on doctors—ultimately driving better patient satisfaction.

Additionally, Cognizant is infusing generative AI into healthcare administration to enhance productivity and efficiency for payers and providers, ensuring timely responses and improved patient care using Azure OpenAI Service and Semantic Kernel within the TriZetto® user interface.

“At Cognizant, we’re working closely with clients to understand and implement generative AI into their organizations, helping them unlock and expand value across the enterprise. Through this collaboration with Microsoft, we have infused generative AI capabilities into our TriZetto® platform, making it easier for healthcare organizations to realize the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.”

—Surya Gummadi, Executive Vice President and President, Cognizant Americas

In imaging and clinical documentation, Sectra’s Azure-optimized software as a service solution, Sectra OneCloud, revolutionizes enterprise imaging with scalability, security, and diagnostic capabilities to enhance care delivery and optimize clinical processes.

Several partners are also leveraging Fabric—an end-to-end, unified analytics platform that brings together data and AI—to modernize data estates and unlock powerful insights. For example, Hitachi Solutions is enhancing predictive care management, reducing operational costs, and strengthening data security and privacy with Lumada Empower Data Platform and Discern Health. Quisitive is uncovering actionable insights and driving greater efficiency with the development of MazikCare Copilot, which utilizes AI for care coordination, denial management, and gap assessments.

To better protect and govern data, HITRUST is establishing a foundation of privacy and security that enables the operationalization of responsible AI and establishes AI assurance and risk management. Commvault is providing powerful defense against threats by leveraging AI-driven automation and generative AI through their copilot, enabling seamless business continuity.

“At Commvault, our collaboration with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is at the forefront of providing robust defenses for the healthcare sector. By integrating AI and automation we’re not just improving the resilience of healthcare organizations, we’re transforming how they anticipate and neutralize threats.”

—Anna Griffin, Chief Marketing Officer, Commvault

Other powerful partnerships with organizations like GE Healthcare, Sophia Genetics, Andor Health, and Volpara are bringing innovations to customers and we’re proud to announce new advances alongside them.

And finally, we’ve recently announced a healthcare collaboration with NVIDIA that will harness the immense power of the cloud and cutting-edge AI to accelerate healthcare innovation. And we’ve partnered with Truveta to advance medical research with a groundbreaking solution that leverages AI to analyze patient data, helping to save lives.

We’re deeply committed to advancing together with our partner community, fueling new use cases and exploring impactful generative AI scenarios to deliver efficient care. Join us on this journey.

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