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New capabilities to help you secure your AI transformation

AI is transforming our world, unlocking new possibilities to enhance human abilities and to extend opportunities globally. At the same time, we are also facing an unprecedented threat landscape with the speed, scale, and sophistication of attacks increasing rapidly. To meet these challenges, we must ensure that AI is built, deployed, and used responsibly with safety and security at its core. And it is more important than ever to leverage AI to empower all defenders and tilt the balance in their favor.

Security is our top priority at Microsoft—above all else—and our expanded Secure Future Initiative underscores our company-wide commitment to making the world a safer place for everyone. I am proud that Microsoft is prioritizing security in the age of AI as we continue to innovate with a security-first mindset. 

Today, new capabilities are now available in Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Purview to help organizations secure and govern generative AI applications at work. These releases deliver purpose-built policy tools and better visibility to help you secure and govern generative AI apps and their data. We are also delivering a new unified experience for the security analyst and integrating Microsoft Copilot for Security across our security product portfolio.  

You’ll be able to see firsthand these innovations and more across the Microsoft Security portfolio at RSA Conference (RSAC). I also hope you will also join me on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, for “Securing AI: What We’ve Learned and What Comes Next,” to explore the strategies that every organization can implement to securely design, deploy, and govern AI.

Secure your AI transformation with Microsoft Security

Wherever your organization is in your AI transformation, you will need comprehensive security controls to secure govern your AI applications and data throughout their lifecycle—development, deployment, and runtime.  

With the new capabilities announced today, Microsoft becomes the first security provider to deliver end-to-end AI security posture management, threat protection, data security, and governance for AI.

A diagram showing the cycle connecting deployment, development, and runtime with AI usage.

Discover new AI attack surfaces, strengthen your AI security posture, and protect AI apps against threats with Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Now security teams can identify their entire AI infrastructure—such as plugins, SDKs, and other AI technologies—with AI security posture management capabilities across platforms like Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Machine Learning, and Amazon Bedrock. You can continuously identify risks, map attack paths, and use built-in security best practices to prevent direct and indirect attacks on AI applications, from development to runtime.

Integrated with Microsoft Azure AI services, including Microsoft Azure AI Content Safety and Azure OpenAI, Defender for Cloud will continuously monitor AI applications for anomalous activity, correlate findings, and enrich security alerts with supporting evidence. Defender for Cloud is the first cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) to deliver threat protection for AI workloads at runtime, providing security operations center (SOC) analysts with new detections that alert to malicious activity and active threats, such as jailbreak attacks, credential theft, and sensitive data leakage. Additionally, SOC analysts will be able facilitate incident response with native integration of these signals into Microsoft Defender XDR.

Identify and mitigate data security and data compliance risks with Microsoft Purview. Give your security teams greater visibility into and understanding of which AI applications are being used and how to help you safeguard your data effectively in the age of AI. The Microsoft Purview AI Hub, now in preview, delivers insights such as sensitive data shared with AI applications, total number of users interacting with AI apps and their associated risk level, and more. To prevent potential oversharing of sensitive data, new insights help organizations identify unlabeled files that Copilot references and prioritize mitigation of oversharing risks. Additionally, we are excited to announce the preview of non-compliant usage insights in the AI Hub to help customers discover potential AI interactions that violate enterprise and regulatory policies in areas like hate and discrimination, corporate sabotage, money laundering, and more.

Govern AI usage to comply with regulatory policies with new AI compliance assessments in Microsoft Purview. We understand how important it is to comply with regulations, and how complicated it can be when deploying new technology. Four new Compliance Manager assessment templates, now in preview, are available to help you assess, implement, and strengthen compliance with AI regulations and standards, including EU AI Act, NIST AI RMF, ISO/IEC 23894:2023, and ISO/IEC 42001. The new assessment insights will also be surfaced within the Purview AI Hub, providing recommended actions to support compliance as you onboard and deploy AI solutions.

Together we can help everyone pursue the benefits of AI, by thoughtfully addressing the new risks. The new capabilities in Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Purview, which build on top of the innovations we shared at Microsoft Ignite 2023 and Microsoft Secure 2024, are important advancements in empowering security teams to discover, protect, and govern AI—whether you’re adopting software as a service (SaaS) AI solutions or building your own.

Read more about all of the new capabilities and features that help you secure and govern AI.

Strengthening end-to-end security with a unified security operations platform

We continue investing in our long-standing commitment to providing you with the most complete end-to-end protection for your entire digital estate. There is an immediate need for tool consolidation and AI to gain the speed and scale required to defend against these new digital threats. Microsoft integrates all of the foundational SOC tools—cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM), comprehensive native extended detection and response (XDR), unified security posture management, and generative AI—to deliver true end-to-end threat protection in a single platform, with a common data model, and a unified analyst experience.  

The new unified security operations platform experience, in preview, transforms the real-world analyst experience with a simple, approachable user experience that brings together all the security signals and threat intelligence currently stuck in other tools. Analysts will have more context at every stage, with helpful recommendations and suggestions for automation that make investigation and response easier than ever before. We are also introducing new features across Microsoft Sentinel and Defender XDR, including global search, custom detections, and automation rules.

We are also pleased to announce a number of additional new features and capabilities that will empower your security operations center (SOC) to work across Microsoft security products for stronger end-to-end security.

  • Microsoft Security Exposure Management initiatives help your security team identify risky exposures and instances of insufficient implementation of essential security controls, to find opportunities for improvement.
  • SOC analysts can now use insider risk information as part of their investigation in Microsoft Defender XDR.
  • Microsoft Defender XDR expands to include native operational technology (OT) protection, enabling automatic correlation of OT threat signal into cross-workload incidents and the ability to manage OT and industrial control system vulnerabilities directly within Defender XDR.
  • Expanded attack disruption in Microsoft Defender XDR, powered by AI, machine learning, and threat intelligence, will cover new attack scenarios like disabling malicious OAuth apps and will significantly broaden compromised user disruption, such as leaked credentials, stuffing, and guessing.
  • Microsoft Sentinel launches SOC Optimizations to provide tailored guidance to help manage costs, increase the value of data ingested, and improve coverage against common attack techniques.

Expanded Microsoft Copilot for Security integrations

Randomized Controlled Trial for Microsoft Copilot for Security

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When it comes to supporting security teams and relieving complexity, Microsoft Copilot for Security offers a great advantage. Greater integration of Copilot across the Microsoft security portfolio and beyond provides richer embedded experiences and Copilot capabilities from familiar and trusted products. We are proud to announce new Microsoft Copilot for Security integrations, including Purview, new partner plugins, Azure Firewall, and Azure Web Application Firewall. These integrations provide your security teams with real-time guidance, deeper investigative insights, and expanded access to data from across your environment.  

Security for the era of AI

An end-to-end security platform will be a determining factor in every organization’s transformation and will play a critical role in the durability of AI-powered innovation. Organizations that focus on securing AI and invest in using AI to strengthen security will be the lasting leaders in their industries and markets. Microsoft is committed to empowering these industry and market leaders with security solutions that can help them achieve more. We bring together four critical advantages: large-scale data and threat intelligence; the most complete end-to-end platform; industry leading, responsible AI; and tools to help you secure and govern AI.

Microsoft Copilot for Security is generally available

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With the general availability of Copilot for Security, Microsoft has delivered on our promise to put industry-leading generative AI into the hands of IT and security professionals of all levels of experience. Now, with today’s release of new capabilities in Defender for Cloud and Microsoft Purview, we are also delivering on our commitment to empower IT and security teams with the tools they need to take advantage of AI safely, responsibly, and securely.

Lastly and importantly, security is a team sport. We look forward to working together with the industry and our partners on advancing cyber security for all. 

I do hope you’ll connect with us at RSAC this week, where we will be demonstrating our comprehensive security portfolio and how it helps you protect your environment from every angle to prepare for and confidently adopt and deploy AI. 

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