6 Febbraio 2018

PayPal defines the future of collaboration with Microsoft 365 and the modern workplace

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Today’s post was written by Ron Markezich, corporate vice president for Microsoft.

Since 1998, PayPal has been empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. The company’s vision to democratize financial services—providing safe, easy access to transaction services through an open digital payments platform—has created untold opportunities for business everywhere. So when one of Silicon Valley’s flagship companies sees the potential for empowering its own employees with a Microsoft 365 intelligent, highly secure business solution, it’s an exciting endorsement.

PayPal is building workplaces of the future—digital, collaborative, agile, and mobile—to capture the opportunities of the future. From programmers to engineers to marketers, the company is engaging and retaining employees through a comprehensive set of tools that are flexible enough to accommodate different workstyles. And it’s ensuring the same high level of security and reliability to protect the company’s intellectual property.

Bradley Strock, CIO at PayPal, puts it this way:

“PayPal has always put a high premium on recruiting top talent by providing a seamless, productive environment for productivity and collaboration. Today, we’re using Microsoft 365 to support the creative teamwork required to innovate in the digital payments space, helping us bring new products to market more quickly and effectively. Microsoft 365 is a key platform in our digital transformation journey.”

At PayPal, IT is taking a leadership role to ensure that every employee has the tools they need to unleash their potential. It’s going to be exciting watching PayPal reach a new level of creative collaboration and deliver on strategic goals.

—Ron Markezich

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