3 Luglio 2018

Proposal Manager for financial services helps increase proposal win rates

The commercial and corporate lending environment is increasingly competitive and squeezing interest margins for banks and lenders. Bank lending teams must navigate a stream of documents—such as client financials, collateral assets, and regulatory attestations. They must follow protocols that thoroughly analyze the risk attached to a credit facility and income potential of business loans and capital investments. Since lending proposals contain sensitive client information, strict privacy, security, and compliance measures are required. In addition, financial services institutions are hampered by disjointed systems and manual processes that are costly and slow—often leading to inconsistent results, higher error rates, and increased costs.

To win business in this competitive market, lending teams need the right tools to deliver tailored proposals quickly and easily. Built on the Microsoft 365 platform, the Proposal Manager solution is designed specifically for corporate and commercial banks to:

  • Streamline, automate, and speed up the lending process.
  • Create more effective proposals.
  • Collaborate across the bank with strict confidentiality.

The solution was developed by the Microsoft Financial Services team and developers as part of their focus to build vertical-specific solutions. No other cloud productivity providers offer a true banking-specific, end-to-end proposal management solution—architected from the ground up using the Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

The solution is fully customizable and adaptable by your enterprise development team, so your lending team can:

  • Easily create professional, winning proposals—Save time, sharpen creativity, and present professional commitment letters to increase win rates and improve credit risk management.
  • Streamline proposal management—Simplify the commercial and corporate loan origination process with integrated, automated, and secure tools for document management while orchestrating team workflows and collaboration. Bank managers can facilitate iterative proposal negotiations while ensuring version consistency, empower relationship managers on the go, and help expedite credit committee approvals.
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork—Respond to proposals quickly and collaboratively with connected, company-wide communications and collaboration tools. Meet tight deadlines and keep the proposal process moving seamlessly by sharing and collaborating in real-time. Lead proposal reviews and whiteboarding sessions with enterprise-class email, voice, and video.

The numbers don’t lie. The impact a solution like this could have for your firm is significant. A recent Capgemini study found that back-office commercial bank employees spend about 80 percent of their time on repetitive and manual tasks. The same study also cites that automation will provide more than 25 percent in cost savings by automating data-intensive and repetitive tasks. Can you imagine what all your employees could achieve if their time were freed up to tackle other revenue-generating projects?

The Proposal Manager solution is now available to all Microsoft 365 E5 customers. It’s integrated across existing Microsoft 365 workloads to help you transform your proposal process into an agile, collaborative, secure, and client-centered process without requiring significant IT involvement for deployment.

Sales managers and other business leaders can download the Proposal Manager brochure and engage your IT support and development team to understand more about how the solution can help. IT developers can visit GitHub today to get started.

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